Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Letter from Mrs Frisby

My class is reading a book called The Rats Of Nimh, and this is my letter about what Mrs frisby has done so far.

link to book review

Dear Buster,
last week I had a amazing experience….

I flew on a bird over the farmland,

you wouldn't believe what the farmland below looked like, everything was so small Mr fitgivens tractor looked like a tiny little ant and i saw this huge puddle of water and Jeremy the crow said that its was something called a  river well i have never seen anything like it cause I have never left the farm. The forest looked like the bush behind our house I told Jeremy to take me down lower cause I was scared of hights but loved the view, when I looked back I saw fish jumping out of the water and black birds flying out of the trees and going to the ground floor. I saw a bigger river and Jeremy said that was a beach where the people like mr fitgivin  go to have fun.

Monday, 24 August 2015

MY Explain Everything

This Is my explain everything about how to divide 147 by 7

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Young Leaders Day 2015

What did you think of NYLD 2015. Give your opinion and reasons why you hold these opinions (at least 4 sentences).
I like the day because it was awesome and we got to have fun there. We played games with the hosts.The best game was egg roulette.That game showed us to take risks.

Who was your favourite speaker and why? (Describe in at least 4 sentences).
My favorite speaker was Marcus Winter because he was a sand artist. Marcus started off the street as a busker when one day a man told him he had real talent. I enjoyed listening to him because he showed his artwork.  It was amazing.  He wants to go on the X Factor and perform with Ed Sheeran.

What have you learnt about being a leader? (At least 4 sentences).
To be a good leader you need to take risks.It is hard to be because everything gets harder for you.  All your learning becomes harder with more expectations.  When being a leader you should never give up and always dream. When you are a leader always keep your dreams even when some says you can’t do it.

How could you use this learning here at school? (At least 4 sentences)
By taking risks like doing every opportunity I get - I should take it.  To work hard at my goals so I am good at lots of things so I can try lots of things.  I should try to live up to the expectations set by my teacher.  I should use my time sensibly.  

Action points - something I am going to work on (a goal) from NYLD:
To take more opportunities in my learning.

My favorite quotes were (remember to say who said them):
William Pike said to “take risks and all pasion no limits”. “Dare to dream” was said by Paul Blackwell. Marcus Winter said to “Never give up”.
Link to NYLD site

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Year 6 special assembly

On Friday we had a special assembly where all the year 6 got a special badge that looks like this

When I got the badge i felt more confident when being a leader.
I think every year the year sixes get a badge and feel proud like I did.
The difference of being a leader a normal student  is that when you're a leader the teachers expect more of you and you are a role model to the little kids.
when I wear the badge I feel proud to be a year six leader at frankley school.

Here's my photos and video at the assemble.